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If you are here you must be looking for a St Peters roofing contractor for an existing roofing problem you have or maybe you are being proactive with your home maintenance. Either way, welcome to Quality contracting and Consulting.

Here we are going to give you some helpful information about your roof and something you can do to extend the life of your roof. First, your roof will not last forever. I know you were probably thinking my roof can withstand anything. Well, nothing lasts forever. With proper maintenance, you can get anywhere from 10-20 years out of your roof. All depending on weather condition, where you live and more. A roof inspection should be your best friend. Like anything else, early detection will save you money in the long run.

Most people forget about their roof altogether until something bad happens and by then the damage has already happened. Missing shingles is usually the culprit with a lot of leaky roofs. 1 missing shingle is all it takes to send the water into your house and if not fixed can create a clear view from your couch to the stars. In other words a nice big hole in the ceiling. Unless you are an outdoors person I dont think you would like this. Missing shingles dont usually travel to far from your home unless its a bad storm, so if you see them on your grass you should call us asap!

Its also important to note that if you live in highly wooded areas or a place that gets a lot of storms you need to stay on top of your roof maintenance more. Debris can instantly cause roof damage at any time. Most times without you noticing. This is another reason you need to schedule a roof inspection.

Lastly, hail damage This is such a tricky thing for the untrained eye to detect because it does not look like much, but will slowly cause your roof to age prematurely. Dont take this lightly as weve seen this lead to a complete re-roof. I know what you are thinking, I would cry if I had to replace my roof... Well, its definitely no laughing matter, but we work closely with insurance companies to ease the pain and stress this might cause you.

There are many other roofing issues that may arise. Hopefully, I have given you some things to think about when it comes to your roof and making your home safe. Now, let's schedule your roof inspection before you forget!

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